PhD Course: Verifying Security Protocols in Tamarin

January 25-29, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

About the course
We will be offering a PhD mini course at ITU on verifying security protocols using the Tamarin tool.

The Tamarin prover is a security protocol verification tool that supports both falsification and unbounded verification of security protocols specified as multiset rewriting systems with respect to (temporal) first-order properties and a message theory that models Diffie-Hellman exponentiation combined with a user-defined subterm-convergent rewriting theory.

We hope that many PhD students, postdocs, and faculty find this an interesting opportunity to learn about security protocol verification.

The speaker will be Ralf Sasse from ETHZ Zurich. Ralf is also one of the main developers of the Tamarin tool.

The mini course will take place during the week January 25-29. There will be lectures in the morning, and labs in the afternoon.

Reading list
Please download a compressed tarball of all materials.

The course will take place in room 4A20 at the IT University of Copenhagen. How to find the ITU.

How to sign up
Write an email to Carsten Schurmann or Nina Holm-Jensen .