Call for Contributions for the 15th International

E-Voting PhD Seminar

October 8-9, 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

IT University of Copenhagen – in co-operation with TU Darmstadt, Tallinn University of Technology, Gesellschaft für Informatik, and E-Voting.CC – will host a 2-day PhD seminar on October 8-9, 2015, in Copenhagen.

The seminar focus will be to exchange and discuss current research of PhD students, in particular governance, organisation and technical set-up of both polling station and Internet-based e-voting.

This seminar continues the tradition of PhD workshops on e-voting. Since 2006 the PhD seminars have focused on various aspects of e-voting including technical aspects, identity management, verifiability of the vote, etc. The seminars took place in various locations in Austria, Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It will be hosted for the first time in Denmark.

The goal of the seminar series is to foster understanding and collaboration between PhD students from various disciplines working on e-voting. To this end, the program allows plenty of space for discussion and initiating collaboration based on presentations by attendees.

What makes this seminar series special is that it is truly interdisciplinary, where PhD students from legal backgrounds are joined by PhD students with computer science and cryptography backgrounds and by social scientists.


The programme starts on Thursday, October 8 at 14:00 (local time) and will finish on Friday, October 9.

Read the full programme here.

Target audience

Academics and professionals with an interest in the topic of e-voting and who are willing to assist the participating PhD students with their research are welcome to join the seminar.


Each interested participant should submit his/her research proposal (or alternatively ideas for papers, open problems, or other issues where feedback from colleagues would be helpful etc.) of some two pages length using the conference platform provided at:

The PhD chairs will facilitate feedback which will be available ahead of the event in order to improve the submission before presentation.


The conference will be held at the IT University of Copenhagen. See our guide to finding the IT University.

Key dates


The participation is € 150.00. The fee includes lunch and drinks during the colloquium.


PhD seminar series Steering Committee

Jointly organized by

For information and general enquiries Olivier Bélanger, IT University of Copenhagen