DemTech Kick-off Event

The DemTech Kick-off Event took place on the 28th of September 2011 in Christiansborg. (Original invitation in ​Danish and ​English.)

The event was a success. We had around 70 attendees. The day and topic were first introduced by our moderator, Kurt Strand

The project was then introduced briefly by Henrik Reif Anderson from DSF.

Next, Carsten gave a talk (​The DemTech Project) introducing the project, Randi gave a talk (​Indførelse af elektronisk valg: Det danske perspektiv) providing a Danish context on voting, and Joe gave the final talk (​Electronic Voting: The International Perspective) on the international perspective.

Finally, after a break, a lively panel discussion moderated by Kurt ensued. The panel members were:

Bertel Haarder, the outgoing Interior Minister who is ultimately responsible for voting in Denmark, Yildiz Akdogan, the outgoing IT spokesperson for the Social Democrats, Jørgen Elkit, a professor at Aarhus University and the primary expert on elections and democracy in Denmark, Roger Buch, an associate professor from the Danish School of Journalism and an expert on local elections, party organization, and democracy in Denmark, andChristian Bull Christian Bull, the security and technology lead on the Norwegian internet election system. The press coverage for the event was good, especially given the new Danish government was about to be announced. The coverage includes the following articles: